Dalraida Elementary K-8

Dalraida Elementary School K-8
The scope included renovating an existing 33,118 square feet building, and designing a new 20,000 square feet addition.
Construction Cost $7.6 Million

University United Methodist Church. Indianapolis, Indiana

The scope of work consists of a new pedestrian walkway, vehicular drop-off canopy addition and an exterior pergola seating area at the front of the existing church structure along with site modifications.

Civil Rights Memorial Center. Montgomery, Alabama

In an effect to meet the demands of visitors from around the county and abroad, back in 2020, Dorsey Architects Inc. was commissioned to update the interior and exterior aesthetics of the Civil Rights Memorial Center by designing a new front entrance and breakroom addition. Also, Dorsey Architects Inc. provided new window replacements, new auditorium seating and renovating the existing restrooms. The project was completed in 2021, giving the existing facility the needed appeal. The original Center was design by architect GMC back in the 1980’s.

Highland Gardens School. Montgomery, Alabama

The project scope involved upgrading the existing lighting, ceiling tile, flooring, providing a complete HVAC upgrade, upgrading the existing exterior building skin and replacing the existing windows with new window units throughout the 53,933 square feet existing building. Also, the project involved, restroom renovations, administration area renovations, renovating the existing dining hall and constructing a new 10,760 square feet Competition Gymnasium to accommodate 500 students. Estimated Construction Cost $16.7 Million.

Dorsey Architects and Associates Inc., partnering architect with Barganier Sims Architects Associated